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Professional Life Coach Continued...

There may be a point in life when you feel lost, aimless, or just need some support to transition. Maybe you can’t even put your finger on what's aching in your heart but you know that something needs to change…

Believe it or not, this can be a really good place to be in life. You have no doubt you want something different. When you are clear something needs to change, you are ready for the right support to cross your path.You will enjoy a deep sense of fulfillment when your life is aligned with your heart's desire.

You’ll know when you’re aligned with your heart. You’ll wake up in the morning and your mind starts to churn with great ideas how to make such-and-such happen…

Each day builds on the previous and momentum takes you to a new place that is fulfilling and makes life really exciting.

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Sometimes we jump on the treadmill of life early on in our careers and never question why we are doing what we are doing.Sometimes we wake up one day and realize we feel unfilled, life is flying by and we question what it’s all about and if there is anything better.

Earlier in our career, maybe we were trying to please someone or we’re being motivated by primitive survival instincts (aka fear). At some point you hit a wall and this unconscious “house of cards” falls apart.

Careers and jobs are no longer fulfilling, relationships may flounder, depression can set in, and you may have a sense of feeling very alone in the world.

Someone Who Has Your Back...

I get it.

I’ve been put through the mill and spit out the other end, so I really get it.

And I have tremendous compassion for what it may be like to walk in your shoes.I’ve invested thousands of hours needed to re-wire my beliefs about the way the world works.

I spent over $100K to re-work the traumas that happened to me and to re-educate myself. You can immediately benefit from this. 

And I’m not suggesting you have to go though a similar journey. Not at all.My upbringing was extreme so I had a lot to re-learn in my life and was eager to do so.

This experience, though, is what makes me a successful life coach.I’ve also worked in the trenches with several thousand people over the past 24 years so I can assure you, I have a keen sense what it takes to get through what you are going through.

No one can ever know what it is like to walk in your shoes. Your experiences are unique to you.

But as a life coach, I can relate to your history and provide a healthy space for effective inquiry and investigation to assist leading you to the right place.

You will get to your destination faster with me as your life coach.

Life coaching, when done right, can be the catalyst for realigning your life trajectory and quicken your results timeline.

If you want a more fulfilling life I can support you in mapping out a plan to accomplish that.

Start out here with the Ed Ferrigan Coaching Life Wheel.

It will assist you, at a very high level, to organize your thoughts and priorities.

The conversation about where to begin will be much easier after you complete this tool.If you want support designing a plan – prioritizing your focus and discerning what really matters – I can support you in that.If you want support implementing the plan – removing any emotional blocks that get in the way the minute you start taking action – I can support you in that.

Simply, go here to set an appointment.

We can design a program that is tailored for you.What you may not realize, that is a specialty of mine, is you may have experienced early life trauma and-or early relationship breaches.

These cause havoc with your success.

Early developmental trauma, most often, instills limiting beliefs or habituated patterns that are holding you hostage outside of your awareness. (e.g. I’m not good enough, Money is bad, I could never do that, Others can have it but I cannot, etc)

What I discovered is this type of trauma is the insidious sickness that affects most people and it's outside of their awareness. We can't see it because we are too close to it. But we can assess our results to give us a clue if it may be true or not...

It’s at the root of what causes people to avoid therapy because unless a therapist knows how to identify and heal it, you will stay stuck no matter how much talk therapy you do.

So I made it my life focus to understand how to identify developmental trauma and help others heal it with the least amount of effort – we can permanently change this issue together…

Maybe you have a pattern of rescuing others, so you can feel a false sense of personal value, I can support you to change that…

If you are wanting to start your own business and be self employed I know exactly what it takes to make that a reality…

To make your life-coach research easy, I also offer a 60-minute free session for anyone who is committed to doing what it take to get your joy back.Please do not sign up for this session if you are just curious about how it works. I only work with people who know they are ready, committed and willing to remove all excuses.

Sign up here if this feels like you!

This is a good start. There are many other resources I have to support my coaching clients including an online portal with 10+ lesson videos on topics that save you time and money. They speed up the coaching process.

More on that later...if you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] .

Or you can call me directly at 970-317-0001.

Be your best today. For a complete description of the Life Coaching Options Click the button below...

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