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When a person repairs the breaches of their early life developmental stages and learns a few essential life skills, their lives suddenly become extraordinary without needing to work so hard at it.  ~ Ed Ferrigan

Coaching Speeds Your Journey

As an entrepreneur, coaching can be one of the best investments of your life. Working with Ed, you will first identify the outcomes you most desire. Next, he'll show you a way to identify and break through any limiting belief or hidden trauma (What most coaches have not been trained to understand) that is preventing you from achieving your company goals

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Ed Ferrigan

Who Is Ed...

Ed has spent the last 25 years coaching hundreds of savvy entrepreneurs to break through limiting beliefs to take their business to the next level. Ed has a Masters in psychology, certificates in life coaching from CTI, certified in the Hendricks Conscious Relationship program, is a facilitator of the EQI Emotional Intelligence assessment tool, and the Conflict Dynamics Profile Assessment tool, is a certified family constellation practitioner through the Human Systems Institute and has the highest designation in the world renowned Somatic Experiencing program by Dr Peter Levine. If you'd like a free discovery session you can set an appoint with Ed using the button above. You may also contact him directly at 970-317-0001 or email him at ed @ edferrigan.com

Organization Values

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Being awake and not letting the unconscious sabotaging routines adopted early in life run the show and determine our destiny.

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More than just telling the truth. It's about knowing your truth, acting on it, making adjustments when needed, and owning it every moment with a learning attitude. Commitment to inquire into any resistance and learn from it. Maintaining self trust and self love. Staying aligned with our purpose.

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To realize each of us is the creator of our reality. We are responsible for our perceptions, interpretations, and actions we take and the part we play in any given outcome. We source our own safety. It's our job to find our purpose and live into it with full participation. If others want to join us that's a bonus.

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The willingness to see the value in all of the diversity in life. Foster harmony, and recognize we are stewards of each other and our home called mother earth. Each person is a miracle. Each one of us has a gift. There is an innate celebration in all of us when we experience each others magnificence. We strive to co-create with each others gifts and talents.

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Remove all excuses, step up, face ANY fears or outcomes. The willingness to experience what you are wanting, get new information, make adjustments, and dissolve any fears through new experiences. Perseverance. A learning attitude.

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Set the ego aside, and resolve anything from the past no matter how scary. To look inward with curiosity and wonder. Remove any resistance to learning. To face any fears. Willingness to bring in new information. Willingness to try a new way of being with faulty past beliefs and make adjustments. To reach out and get help when needed.

What Clients Have Said...

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