The Ultimate How To Stop Fighting

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This guide has 28 pages of insight gained from 25 years of working in the trenches with couples. Imagine the time and heart ache you can save by saying the right thing when it's most needed. For intimate relationships and parenting.

  • 25 Most Common Troublesome Communication Focus Points And What To Say Instead

  • Say the right thing at the right time, so you don't trigger the other person's "Lizard" brain that causes fights

  • Focuses You On Not Getting "Hooked" so you can interrupt the "I'm Right Your Wrong Cycle" and stay In harmony

  • Keeps Your Heart Open so you maintain perspective and closeness even when differences arise

  • Eliminates the consequences of saying the wrong thing

  • 100% risk-free

  • If you don't think it was worth the value we'll refund you and you can keep it.

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