The Illumination Process

The illumination process has existed for thousands of years. It is a normal process for healing within many indigenous tribes across the world.

The perfection of the illumination process stems from its ability to heal you at the subtle levels of your body. Let me explain…

You have three levels of healing as it relates to the illumination process.

1. Mental & Psychological (The thinking and emotional brain)

2. Body level (Mind-Body Connection)

3. Energy Level (Chakra and your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) or aura)

The energy level is our first line of defense as we interact with life. By the time your mind can register the blockage, your LEF and Chakra System has already been affected.

Heal at the LEF and Chakra level, and it will affect all the other levels.

The beauty of healing at the energy level is, you remove the “glitch” before it can manifest into disease. Keep your inner landscape clear and you will not trigger the genes to manifest into something negative.

Even if an event or experience doesn’t register at the psychological level, your subtle body feels the sting of the event. After that happens, negative energy gets stuck in your energy field or system. In time, this event creates an energetic blockage that will eventually register at the mental or somatic (body) level, but you more than likely won’t see the connection how it happened. This process can take several years.

The true value of getting an illumination is to clear and repair ruptures to your luminous energy field and your chakras. See below for the Q&A and also how to schedule your session today.

About Ed

Ed Ferrigan, M.A., SEP, CPCC has facilitated over 980 constellations since 2001. He has been mentored and certified by some of the best in the psychology-personal development field including: Antioch University; The Hendricks Institute; Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute; Human Systems Institute; Michael Grinder; 4 Winds Shamanic Training; and various Mantak Chia’s Healing Tao certifications.

Ed is a Kriya Yoga practitioner and has a refined intuition. He is known for quickly identifying core challenges while using the best models out there to resolve your block permanently. The Illumination process, is the ideal solution for removing energy stuck in your luminous energy field and the chakra system that may be contributing to your ailments.

He is often referred by doctors and other therapist across the USA.

You Can Benefit...

People from all walks of life can benefit the illumination process. The goal of the illumination process is to remove stuck energy in your chakra system and luminous energy field, sometimes called the aura.

Over time, and just being a person, you accumulate energetic signatures that can cause long term illness. Illumination healings work at the subtle energy level. I've listed a few symptoms below.

  • Headaches

  • Not Sleeping Well

  • Emotional Swings

  • Previous Trauma

  • Depression

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Financial-Survival Related Challenges

  • Self Esteem Issues

What Clients Are Saying

Next Steps

If you feel called to participate in an illumination process here is a download on how to prepare for an illumination please download it by clicking the button below. After you complete the information, you'll be taken to the calendar to schedule your private Zoom session.

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