The Family Constellation Process

When we look closely at life, it is revealed that there are many systems that inter-link to each other. An obvious example would be the way our physical bodies work. We have many interrelated systems – a skeletal system, digestive system, circulatory system, musculature system and neural system that depend on each other.

In this same way, we have communications systems between people. From a problem-solving, enhanced-communication, or healing perspective, it is useful to understand the relationships within and between our communication systems. The difficulty is how to explore these communication systems without our personal biases. We need a method for looking at any particular system to understand how it works with the biases removed.

The Bert Hellinger method of family constellation is a process for doing that. His phenomenological approach offers a way to look at any system and reliably reveal patterns and predict the actions of families, teams and communities. It is a method of bringing out objective truth and often reveals information contrary to our expected beliefs or values – one of the reasons it is called phenomenology. This process also proposes an opportunity to resolve longstanding violations within the system being examined.

A family, team, or community may consist of people that operated well individually but do not integrate well as a system. Consequently, the whole family, team or community may suffer from this lack of integration. Systems Thinking helps people view the world, including its organizations, from a perspective of structures, patterns, rather than as isolated events. This perspective helps to identify the root causes of issues that affect the entire system and can determine how to change them with lasting resolution. A constellation is a here-and-now spatial display of a system with people who each represent part of that system.

About Ed

Ed Ferrigan, M.A., SEP, CPCC has facilitated over 980 constellations since 2001. His approach often revolves around generational attachment trauma that has been passed down through the family system. He has been mentored and certified by some of the best in the psychology-personal development field including: Antioch University; The Hendricks Institute; Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute; Human Systems Institute; Michael Grinder; 4 Winds Shamanic Training; and various Mantak Chias Healing Tao certifications.

Ed is a Kriya Yoga practitioner and has a refined intuition. He is known for quickly identifying core challenges while using the best models out there to resolve your block permanently. The Illumination process, is the ideal solution for removing energy stuck in your luminous energy field and the chakra system that may be contributing to your ailments.

He is often referred by doctors and other therapist across the USA.

You Can Benefit...

The family constellation can provide you something that no other healing modality can provide - A Systemic Perspective of what is keeping you or your loved ones stuck. Participating in the family constellation process (Individual or Group) can give you insight in minutes that can take years to uncover in other processes. Oftentimes participants report that it was like someone lifted a curse in the family or a relationship.

The Family Constellation process now has facilitators across the globe. The process is used to discover hidden energy signatures that run across human systems from generation to generation. Even companies use them to uncover hidden dynamics.

The possible insights and healing you can gain from a family constellation are priceless. See below to when the next constellation will be. Consider getting on the notification list or become a sponsor for an event in your community.

  • Illness

  • Problems That Keep Repeating Even After Years Of Therapy

  • Keep Attracting A "Certain" Kind Of Relationship

  • Emotional Challenges

  • Ongoing Relationship Problems

  • Depression

  • Family Trauma

  • Financial-Survival Related Challenges

  • Self Esteem Issues

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If you feel called to participate in an illumination process here is a download on how to prepare for an illumination please download it by clicking the button below. After you complete the information, you'll be taken to the calendar to schedule your private Zoom session.

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