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Attract Love? Understand These Basics

August 04, 20236 min read

Want to attract love?... you need to understand some basics. Watch the video below for the same information. In today’s blog we are going to talk about the one essential “must have” ingredient that creates a strong foundation to finding the partner of your dreams. Without this you will probably struggle.

In this first episode I want to give you probably the most important tip you can get for creating the relationship of your dreams. Think of this tip as the torch that lights up your path to your relationship destiny. It’s the first and basic step to fulfill your desire to find the dream partnership.

When I start working with a new client who is trying to attract the ideal partner I often hear a similar scenario. They’ll say something like I’ve done this or that workshop, been on this or that dating site, or read this or that book but nothing seems to work. I find myself alone and lonely again and again so I lose faith in any of the advice I get. So, if this is true for you I want you to stop right now, pause and take a deep breath. In fact lets do it together.

Take a moment and honor your feelings about how hard you’ve worked and yet how little progress it feels like you’ve made. For some, this can be really emotional so if that is true for you please pause this video if you need a little more time.

Now let's begin to turn things around for you. I want you to realize that a lot of tools are great when they build on a good foundation. The foundation is critical. Without it a house or building will fall down. The same goes for us as the makers of our own destiny as it applies to all of our relationships. In this first tip I want you to recognize from this point forward that without a clear vision of what you want you will continue to struggle finding the relationship of your dreams.

Research shows that there are certain traits that people have that allows them have a strong foundation that breeds success. One of these traits is the ability to visualize, make good choices, and follow through on the little steps to get outcome they are wanting. You see, people who can clearly visualize and sense in their gut and heart the outcome they want are the most successful people in attracting the partner of their dreams.

Now here is the catch. We have both conscious and unconscious goals. Your ability to discern when unconscious choices are being made that derail your success will ultimately determine your relationship fate. We need a way to flush up these unconscious goals that may be contradictory to our conscious desires so we can see and shift and thoughts and choices that no longer serve us.

So how do we discover these unconscious patterns? Here is the key: We can tell what our unconscious goals are by looking at the result we are getting and then reflecting on the intentions behind each of the choices that led to the results we got. In other words, just assume you are making both conscious and unconscious decisions that are contributing to the results you are getting - good or bad.

Then assume that any negative result you are getting is being influenced by your unconscious desire to resolve something that happened probably years ago. For example, lets say you keep attracting people who are not available. You go out on a couple dates then the excuses to not connect begin to emerge.

If this is an ongoing pattern, just assume that unconsciously you are trying to resolve an issue that reflects this kind of dynamic. So you might say to yourself…”what am I doing that contributes to this kind of outcome?” The answer you come up with might be something like “I ignore the signs that this person is unavailable, continue to override my gut feeling, then punish myself later for it not working.” Hopefully, You get the idea?

So we need a way to flush up our unconscious patterns and make corrections to get a different result.

Now let's look at one way to do that.

To Attract Love Start With These Three Steps

If you want to build a strong foundation for attracting an awesome partnership begin with these three steps:

  1. First, Write a clear description about your ideal relationship with a significant other. You can call this a vision statement or a future self statement or whatever you want to call it. Go into as much detail as you want. Write about what your ideal partner looks like, acts like, taste like, feels like, how they communicate, what they value and whatever else you are wanting. Don’t hold back on any of it. Put it all into this written statement. Make it concise and to the point.

  2. Next, stand and read it to a friend. Reword and rework any parts until you get it exactly the way you want it.

  3. This next piece is the best advice anyone ever taught me. Now take time to feel it in your body as if you already have it. That’s right, assume for this exercise that you already have what you are wanting. Picture the end result and then sense into how good it feels physically to have this in your life. Feel the sensations in your body. Practice this 3-5 times a day until you can feel the instant shift towards having it. I know this may seem like a lot of work but take the challenge and watch what happens if you can do it. The goal here is to relax into what your truth is and really own it. Over time this will become the foundation to your manifestation process.

Once again, to attract love...

  1. Write a clear vision statement about what a successful outcome would be if you had the ideal partner (Scroll to the bottom of this post and click on "Like" for a Handout)

  2. Read it out loud to a friend and rework any areas necessary

  3. Practice feeling what its like to have the things you wrote about.

Our goal in this activity is to ground your attraction ability to a solid foundation. Remember, what we think about we begin too manifest. What people don’t recognize is there is a lot of mind chatter all day long that will either enhance or interfere with your ideal vision. The more conscious and clear you are, the better and faster the results will be.

Now I have put together a nice summary I give to my coaching clients. It contains the essential questions to make sure your vision includes all the vital information to get you started. You can find it at the link showing on this video.

This is a good start. If you have questions or comments please place them below. If you are interested in more foundational relationship tips [Register Here]

If you like this tip please click the like button and if you can share the love and forward this link to your single friends, Im very grateful. See you in the next tip and I look forward to reading your comments below.


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Ed Ferrigan, M.A., CPCC, SEP

Working with Ed, you’ll get a clear focus on what you are wanting, gain permanent skills to identify and remove any limiting beliefs and heal any potential trauma from that past (most people have no idea this is an issue). He will make the process simple to understand so you can make more conscious choices in the future that create the results you are wanting. Ed lives in Durango, CO and is fond of most outdoor activities including photography, fly-fishing, hiking and camping. Ed is also an avid dancer and has an affinity to West Coast Swing.

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